Service Improvements


Please please please follow the instructions as this my final assignment for this year . I don’t want to fail this assignment.

Learning outcomes is reflecting on my suggesting within my trust. Am a healthcare assistant practitioners in moorfields eye hospital.


By the end of the module the students will be able to:

1. Develop relevant understanding of service improvements and innovations in health and social care settings and discuss those that are pertinent to your own work place.

2. Recognise your role boundary/limits and make constructive suggestions for improving services for service users, carers and the public, within your work setting. EXAMLLE WILL BE BEEN ACCEPTED AS

3. Select one relevant improvement programme within your work setting and review it using appropriate nationally recognised benchmarks (NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement).

4.Reflect upon your personal contribution to a service change introduced to improve services for one client/patient group. (Reflect back on your presentation).