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You have to write two things:

1. As a service learning assignment, each individual student is to develop a plan for utilizing such a structure to assist people your age in developing countries to move ahead in entrepreneurial start-up ventures. That is, you should come up with businesses that can be supported by internationally diverse teams of university students who might provide resources, know-how, and connections. The instructor is not looking for a particular hackneyed approach but rather expects to be drop-jawed by the out of the box thinking that you will display in your brilliant leveraging of your creative juices. That is, uninspired, ho-hum, pedestrian, yawn-provoking, slapdash, inchoate reports will garner a grade you will not like. Whereas, displaying your innovation acumen will be the route to a top grade. Your report should be at least 200 words. When appropriate, please provide working hyperlinks in your post as well as full citations of your sources that include the name of the author(s), title, periodical name, publication date, volume number, issue number, page number(s), etc.

2. Reflection: In your reflection you should address such questions as: Do you find yourself more aware of the problems needlessly needy people have in far flung places? What might you suggest to improve this service learning project in the future?

** first one must be at least 200 words!!