sex gender and culture

sex gender and culture

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it is a blog entry with selection of examples from screen, media and popular culture to analyse (TV, film, news, advertising, online texts, social networking sites, etc.), as well as examples from every life, everyday practices, products, cultures, lifestyles and identities that is related to sex gender and culture


it is a blog entry assignment, it is okay to use casual english but it has to be related to sex gender and culture.
here is an example for one of the entry

//Gender identity is formed at a young age and appears to quickly become concrete. Schools and families teach children about appropriate social dress, behaviour and interactions. Large retail giants collude in this gender formation and segregation through their branding of toys and games as either for boys or girls, as well as their endorsement of colour coding of what could, in any other context, be considered neutral clothing items such as T-shirts. These definers of gender have now become socially engrained.

Because of this, Target’s recent announcement of removing gender specific colours and signs from their stores has caught society’s attention. I believe that this move by Target is long overdue. This move should help create a society more receptive of diversity. Target’s approach challenges social constructs of gender that aim to segregate what are identifiably girl and boy products, shaping children’s likes and dislikes. In this way, children have the opportunity to break free of constraints and choose their own identity.

Target has received negative feedback for this move, but I hope, for the reasons stated above, gender neutrality spreads to other companies and creates permanent change for retail stores. In this way, we can create a more open and accepting society.//