Sexual harassment that occur in formal school settings

Pick one salient educational issue of interest to you, find revelvant popular culture resources (tv program, movie, film, novel, blog, new reports, etc) and conduct an analysis of the topic that incorporates information from educators, public stakeholders in education, and existing scholarly research. Your topic must be phrased in the form of a researchable question, and the goal of your work is to answer that question in a sufficiently detailed way, taking into account the multiple perspectives that individuals and groups may hold. Finally, your analysis must connect back to the theme of SASE 505, and in particular, nurturing young people to be active participants in society. 1. Describe topic and why you believe it is one worth exploring 2. Describe your popular culture medium (metoo movement). What are the major issues discussed in pop culture artifact? Who has the voice of authority? Who are the stakeholders? Who stands to benefit the most and least in regard to how your selected topic is presented? What solutions/ resolutions that the cultural artifacts offers? 3. To what extent is representation of your selected topic an accurate reflection of the issues surrounding that topic, especially in light of the peer reviewed articles you selected 4. In what ways does your topic connect with and relate to the themes of SASE