Sheffield Hallam ZY speech +assignment

The assessment comprises two parts:

Part 1 Video Blog 30 marks

You will record a short video blog starting with your early experiences as a Business Property Management student at Sheffield Hallam and then explaining how the Module is developing your personal skills. You are encouraged to also explain your career aspirations and how the Module is helping you to achieve them.

This will be developed as the Module progresses. You will be required to present this in class for formative appraisal by your tutor and peers.

Part 2 Portfolio 70 marks

Submission of a Portfolio of work including evidence of personal development and career management planning.

The narrative submitted as part of your Portfolio should explain and evaluate principles relating to personal development planning and career management and show how this module has influenced your thinking and practice in that respect.

You will demonstrate practical application of those skills and experiences through the inclusion of evidence in the appendices to the Portfolio (which are not counted as part of the word limit). You are encouraged to include other material evidencing your professional development during the course including skills assessments and personal development and / or career management plans.

Note that a portfolio which only attempts to be descriptive of module content is likely to attract a low mark.

• More specific guidance on this assignment can be found on Blackboard under “Assessment” and will also be provided in your teaching sessions.

Learning Outcomes
This assessment is linked to the following learning outcome:

• Identify, explain and evaluate principles appropriate to personal development planning and career management and apply those principles within the creation and development of both a personal development plan and a career management plan.

Assessment Criteria
Please see below
Presentation of your Assignment
• All typed work should be Arial (11pts) or Calibri (12pts)
• You should use the APA referencing system
• Please state the number of words used at the end of the assignment
• Word counts include the entire assessment submission, with the exception of references and appendices
• Work up to the word limit will be marked. Any work in excess of the word limit will not be marked

Cheating and Plagiarism
• The University Regulations on academic conduct apply to all assessments. You are reminded that to represent as your own work the work of another person without acknowledgement is defined as plagiarism and is a breach of these regulations.
• By submitting your work, you certify that it is your own work, and that the work of other people is duly referenced and acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy.
For more information refer to

Submission of your Assignment
Online Submission
• You need to submit your assignment electronically via the module site by the date and time specified on Blackboard.
• Your last submitted attempt will be the attempt that is marked.
• Filenames should use only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores, and should be less than 72 characters in length.
• Do not password protect your file(s).
• Please make sure you have referred to the Best practice for managing (and reducing the size of) large or media files document below before you submit your work to ensure large files (250MB or more) are successfully submitted.
• It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is successfully submitted. Always check your email receipt and the submission point again following each submission.
• More guidance on online submission can be found in the module site
• If you have a learning contract which recommends the use of stickers for your work please make sure that you type the wording of the sticker at the top of your assignment – preferably in red so that it is as visible as possible for markers.
• Back-up and keep a copy of your work.

Return of your marked Assignment
Your work will be returned to you electronically. You will be given feedback in the form of the marking grid attached including a personal commentary on aspects of your work. You may also receive annotations on your work showing specific examples of good practice and areas for improvement.
You will also have the opportunity to meet with a module tutor and obtain general feedback on a group basis and individual one to one feedback.

Assessment Criteria
Please see Marking Grids attached.

In-Module Retrieval of an Assessment Task
Where in-module retrieval is available for an assessment task, if you have made an initial valid attempt but achieved below the pass mark, you may choose to rework the assessment task once only.
To be a valid attempt, the initial coursework submission must be capable of being marked against the marking criteria set. There must be some genuine attempt to answer the brief in the format required.
If you take the in-module retrieval and you pass the reworked assessment task, the mark for this assessment task will be capped at the pass mark.
If you rework the assessment task and your mark is lower than your original mark, then the original mark stands.
Refer to the module site for in-module retrieval submission dates. This date will be set by your module leader.
Having taken or declined your in-module retrieval opportunities, if you do not pass the module on second attempt you will be referred and will have to undertake a further piece of referral assessment to pass the module.
For more information on in-module retrieval refer to:

1. A front sheet
2. An Index page listing the page numbers of different sections of the Portfolio and the sections or chapters of your narrative.
3. Narrative of up to 2,000 words. This needs to be a piece of reflective writing. It needs to explain principles relating to personal development planning and career management which we have investigated in the Module. I suggest you use headings and sub-headings to divide it up into different sections. The narrative must cross reference to the supporting material in the Appendix.
4. An Appendix containing the evidence to which you refer in your narrative. The evidence in the Appendix must support of what you write in your narrative. The Appendix needs to be divided up into sections with each section containing a separate piece of evidence.
5. A Bibliography listing your research sources and references.

What do I put in my narrative?
It needs to explain how what you have studied in the Module has influenced your own personal development planning and career planning.

So, for example, if you were often disorganised or doing assessments at the last minute and have started using an electronic diary as an aid then this is relevant.

If you have kept a diary of your experiences during the course, extracts from this could be used.
You could discuss aspects of your career to date and where you now want that career to go and why.
Perhaps changes that you have made in your career plan and why.
Identify new skills and knowledge you feel you need for your career and how you will obtain them.
You might explain how assessment of your personality influences both your work during the course and your plans for afterwards.
You might find it very useful to use the reflective, action planning and time management templates which are on Blackboard.
You could incorporate Powerpoint presentations illustrating your personal development planning and career management. If you do this you need to make sure that there is enough detail because just using bullet points is not enough. (Alternatively this is information you could include in the Appendix).
These are just suggestions and there is no reason why you cannot use others.
Remember that we looked at Portfolios in Week 3 and Personal Development Planning in Week 14 so revision of that material may be useful for you.

What do I put in the Appendix?
It is essential that you include some evidence in the Appendix. What can you use as evidence?
 Personal and Career Development Plan – there is a template on Blackboard for your guidance.
 Feedback that you have received on your work in this Module or others.
 Personality tests such as the one we did in Week 2.
 Reflective diary extracts.
 Evidence of qualifications gained to date.
 Evidence for any work experience you have undertaken.
How do I prepare my submission?
It must be submitted before the published deadline.
It should be neatly typed (1.5 line spaced) and carefully presented.
It must include the assignment cover sheet.
It can include pictures, graphs and diagrams but in the Appendix where possible.
You must submit by Turnitin.

What support will I get?
There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the Portfolio during Professional and Study Skills sessions.

Please see the Assessment Brief which you have been given for full details about:
 Submissions
 Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances
 Cheating and Plagiarism