Shipman’s tale


Shipman’s tale

The Shipman’s Tale’ draws from many of the cultural ideas about marriage reinforced
by comportment books, songs and jests. You have read about these ideas in the mini-
lecture before you embarked upon reading the ‘Shipman,” so many of these ideas are
now familiar to you.

-Write a one-two page essay describe some of the ways that the wife is portrayed.
What I am looking for is for you to pick one or two depictions of wives from the
reading, use the mini-lecture and see how those images are represented by the wife in
the “Shipman‘s Tale.

Need to answer this question based on the following reading:

0 The Shipman’s Tale page 1-5 PDF

0 Shipman Lecture PDF

0 Shipman’s Tale page 5-21 PDF

0 Millet Sexual Politics