Short and long term goal


1.) Identify 3 short term goals – these should be specific and I want you to thoroughly explain why you chose these five specifically, as well as how you plan on accomplishing these goals. How will you plan to achieve these goals and what will be your methodology (method for attaining identified goals). At least 2 should be academic-related and will address areas you have identified as needing to be worked on to improve your success as a student during your retake of NUR-1015.

2.) Identify 3 long term goals – like your short term goals, these should be specific and relate to your future success as a professional registered nurse. As we have discussed, many of the skills needed for being successful as a nursing student later cross over into your role as an RN. I would like you to describe your rationale behind these five choices and your plan for accomplishing them.
This assignment should be approximately 2-3 pages double-spaced. Please be sure to proof read for spelling, grammar and sentence structure prior to submitting.