Short documentary review: Indulgences of the West

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Link to video:

The Film:
A. What is the film about? Is the subject of the film clearly presented? Cite scenes or quotes when

you discuss the style. Do you feel the film is biased? Why? Is the thesis presented clearly? Is the

film intended for experts or for the general public?
B. Sources. Does the creator rely on published films and articles (secondary sources) or dig into

primary sources (government documents, newspapers, oral history interviews, letters, manuscript

collections, etc.) This should be very obvious when you watch! How well are the sources documented?
C. You may check reviews and other sources about the film/creator, but this is not a requirement.

If you choose to do so, consider how the film been received by other authors/scholars, and how the

creator’s ’s peers and viewers felt about it. Google ‘your film choice + reviews’ and you MAY find

a few critiques. If you cannot, do not fret- these are far more difficult to find than book

The Creator or publisher:
A. Who is the creator? Identify his/her biographical and academic background. This may include a

list of their other films and employment. If no specific person is listed, identify the entity that

put it together. Check the film credits, or the publisher’s website for more author info, or

B. Is the creator or publisher qualified to write on this topic? Does this film make an original

contribution with either new research or new interpretations? How does this film fit into the

existing literature on the topic? Why did the RMPBS (or whoever) produce this film? What are their

biases? How do they focus on major historical issues?
Your Personal Opinion:
Why did you like or dislike this film? What are its strengths and shortcomings? Was the film worth

watching? Explain why. Is there a better film on the same topic? Analyze, rather than summarize the

film. No film is perfect. How could this one be improved?
These are only GENERAL GUIDELINES. If something stands out or you feel is important, go for it!

Make it your own. 650-800 words, typed, double-spaced pages. Remember, if you consult other

sources, CITE THEM!