Short story Analysis

Short story Analysis

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Choose one of the short stories we are reading this semester to write about. Your thesis statement is an assertion of the theme of the story, and it should appear in

your introductory paragraph. Be sure to identify the author and the name of the story in the introduction as well. In the body of the paper, you explore the theme

fully by interpreting the story as a critic. You may paraphrase and quote from the text, but do not overdo the quotes. Do not merely summarize the story (assume your

reader has read the story). You are interpreting the story, so you can discuss such things as the title, the point of view of the narrator, the nature of the

characters in the story, the setting, the tone, the style, irony, or any symbols in the story.
Use MLA format, and double space.

To Build a Fire by J. London. I’d like the thesis statement to be along the lines of the characters stubbornness and not taking the advice of the old man, dog and

nature is what killed him. Maybe something about being overly masculine or vain. Please only use the short story as source. I would also like a draft.