Should Juveniles be tried as Adults

Should Juveniles be tried as Adults
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I am interested in writing about juveniles, and whether or not, if they should be tried as an adult.I was actually thinking the juvenile justice system was too harsh on sentencing juveniles .
After the whole “kids for cash scandal”, I wanted to do more research on why we should focus on rehabilitating the juveniles instead of punishing them. Be specific on why kids shouldn’t be tried as adults, provide real life cases. Talk about the juvenile justice system is suppose to rehabilitate the child, not punish them for life. Remember a person mind isn’t developed fully until the age of 25.

This is a Seven Page paper. Must have from 5 to 7 sources. Nothing more. Again, be specific on the issue on why kids shouldn’t be tried as an adult. Provide examples. (Kids For Cash Scandal). Support your thesis. Make it a persuasive as possible but you must also back up with what your saying.
The paper should consist the following:
I. Introduction:

The first part of each paper should provide a clear and thorough introduction of the criminal justice issue you have selected for analysis. This section should also include a brief discussion of the presentation and analysis to follow, as well as any possible solutions you will propose to the systemic problems created by your issue.

II. Presentation of Criminal Justice Issue:

The second section of the paper should consist of a comprehensive presentation of the criminal justice issue you have selected for analysis. Your discussion of the issue should be based on findings drawn from the criminal justice research literature, i.e., from studies found in academic journals. Your issue analysis should reflect findings or conclusions drawn from at least 5 different academic sources. All referenced material should be formatted according to APA guidelines and should be included in your paper’s reference list.

III. Problem Discussion and Proposal(s) for Change:

Here, you will summarize the systemic problems created by the issues you have addressed. Specifically, you will highlight how your issues impact upon the structure, function and/or outcomes of the criminal justice process/system. Additionally, you will identify one or more “solutions” to the systemic problem(s) you identify. Your solution can be of your own design, or can be an initiative that has been proposed/discussed by other researchers in the field. Regardless of the approach you choose, your discussion of solutions must be documented thoroughly using academic research from the criminal justice literature. The textbooks for the course and any supplemental readings used in class may be one of the sources you use for your papers.

IV. Conclusion:

The final section of each paper should serve as a review of what you have proposed, as well as a brief assessment of the likelihood that the solutions you cite could/would be implemented and effect the desired change in a modern criminal justice setting. Factors such as institutional culture, resistance to change and political factors should be considered as possible impediments to the change you seek.