Should music download through the internet be legal

Should music download through the internet be legal
The research paper itself should be 10 pages . The topic is about downloading music through websites that are not certified by the content owner. argue for making it
legal if it easy on you. You need a strong thesis. I will provide you with a bunch of articles that you need to cite in the paper. They are all peer reviewed articles.
Argue your points and then refute other opinions that other people might have. For instance people might say that it shouldn’t be legal becuase the artist is losing
money. You would refute it by saying that the artists make their money from tours and not album sales so they are not really affected. I will attatch a couple of
articles that you can use and if you want more i will attatch an annotated bibloigraphy with info on more articles you can look up. If its easier for you to argue
against then no problem. Just make sure that its done right the first time please. Also please make an outline paper and work cite paper.