Simulated Data

Using software, create a labeled, scaled diagram of your experimental apparatus. Include the following:
labels to identify components
multiple views as needed so that the experimenter can understand the setup

Prepare a table with an appropriate heading that shows the following:
quantity of each material/item
unit price of each material/item
total price for each material/item
lab costs—consider the time to purchase, construct, and assemble for a person in the lab technician role; find lab technician salaries on Bureau of Labor and Statistics
total cost of experimental apparatus and other tools needed complete the experiment (you only need to include the cost of items that would not typically be in the lab. Typical items like rulers or measuring tape don’t need to be included)

Write your experimental procedure as a numbered list. Must be detailed.

Write your Data collection, computed quantities, and data comparison sections. No more than three paragraphs total.

Prepare your simulated results and show in tables:
simulated measured data (correct number of trials based on procedure, etc.)
computed results from the simulated data
comparison values/theoretical data
compare the simulated data to the theoretical values (% error or other relevant quantitative methods)