Simulation software

Let us know what bid you are expecting

I need a simulation of a simple electrical cable assembly process (I already have the video of the process). The simulation should be developed on the software “Process Simulate” (from Siemens Tecnomatix) and then I need the optimization of that process (I already know how to optimize it, I just need to implement it on the software). Finally, I need a technical description of that project of about 50 pages. I am flexible with regards to price. I can add more money without problems.

As shown in the video, I need support to simulate the process of a manual positioning and binding of electrical cables. The simulation file must then be optimized by inserting a collaborative robot that helps the worker in those operations and maybe also the possibility to raise/lower and tilt the panel. So the main factors are:

  • positioning and binding of cables in precise points on a panel;
  • use of defined production times (both for the worker and for the robot);
  • in the end it is necessary to generate an Ergonomics Report for the worker in order to demonstrate that with the optimized solution (collaborative robot + moving panel), ergonomics has been improved. I think the Ergonomics Report can be generated automatically by the “Process Simulate” software.