six elements of the model of consumer behavior:

Background Information
Chapter 5 of the textbook discusses the six elements of the model of consumer behavior: Marketing Stimuli, Other Stimuli, Consumer Psychology, Consumer Characteristics, Buying Decision Process, and Purchase Decision. Each of these six elements has different components, such as problem recognition and information search in the Buying Decision Process. Furthermore, all of these elements and components interact and play out to produce a decision to purchase or not purchase a product or service.
2. Review the concepts of Consumer Behavior.

a. Consider the model of consumer behavior and its different elements:
i. Explain how you have been involved in all six elements of the consumer behavior (listed above in the background information) model this workshop?
ii. Explain how an organization triggers changes in consumer behavior, for example introducing stimuli (coupons and advertising), in the marketplace.
b. Defend your answers with a detailed evaluation that is clear and insightful, using critical thinking.
4.include two academic sources that are properly cited according to APA style, and is due by the end of the fourth day of the workshop.