Order Description


Dеsign а detailed size reductiоn plant under the following guidelines:
1) Select an ore type, composition, and tonnage throughput.
2) Start the design with crushing of ore in the mine and end with the feed to a gravity
separation or flotation process.

6) Consider potential pollution issues and remedies.
7) Select, size and cost major and auxiliary equipment.
8) Include instrumentation and control.
9) Illustrate the plant flow sheet and on it show the identifying details of each equipment
(type, size, HP, etc.) and relevant data for each stream (particle size, dry tonnage, %
solid, etc.).
10) Provide a summary of equipment used with their specifications.
11) Estimate the capital, operating, and maintenance costs of the plant.
12) In the design process, obtain any needed data from literature sources as much as
possible. If necessary, assumptions may be made with good justification and reasoning.