Skin and wound assessment


I need a capstone project on a proposal of implementing the use of SWAT team (Skin, Wound Assessment, and Treatment, Team ) in the Critical Care

settings, that will improve patients outcomes. this project must reflect the following: 1) members of the team will be multidisciplinary health care providers

(wound care nurse, staff nurse, nurses aide, physical therapy, pharmacist, nutritionist), and a medical doctor) 2) team must be lead by a Wound and ostomy

care nurse specialist. 3) team needs to assess patients with 24hrs hours of admission to Critical Care unit, also they need to do daily rounds on at risk and

compromised patients. 4) they need to work in conjunction with members of the nursing team, 5)need to provide ongoing education on proper skin and

wound assessment, and treatment. 6) This project must stress that the implementation of such interventions will improve patient’s outcomes, and will

decrease the significant cost of taking care of facility acquired wounds.The project must be in APA format, Times New Roman,12pts font, double spaced, 5

Evidence Based Practice, Peer Reviewed articles, with in the past 5 years (2013-2018).