sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Paper details:
MUS 121 – Fairy Tales, Myths and Music

Essay 04. Disney Dilemma 6-8 pp. (Fairy Tale Research Paper)
Final Draft Due Wednesday May 13, 2015
Draft Due: May 6, 2015 (this must include your thesis and 2 pages of writing, minimum)

6-8 pages, double-spaced, standard font and margins, Chicago style footnotes and bibliography.

Repertoire Choices
Piotr Tchaikovsky – Sleeping Beauty Suite/Disney Sleeping Beauty/Sleeping Beauty story (Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Basile)

Paul Dukas – Sorcerer’s Apprentice/Disney Fantasia/poem by Goethe

Igor Stravinsky – Firebird Suite (1919 version)/ Disney Fantasia 2000/ Firebird stories (multiple versions) – Russian folklore/fairy tales

Borodin String Quartet No. 2, III AND David Lang Little Match Girl Passion/Disney film short (see Prof John for the link)/Hans Christian Andersen story

Write a paper that brings to light an issue (gender roles, stereotypes, ethnicity, man vs. nature, destruction of natural world, rich/poor/class issues, etc.) that is altered in the different versions (original story, musical representation, Disney animation). Your paper should argue the cultural implications and use evidence from the music, the story and the animation.

Audience: Academically inclined readers with some musical knowledge

You MAY:
Analyze a character (as you did for essay #2) and find musical evidence to support your musical interpretation/character analysis
Compare the music or character or plot to other similar works.
Use ideas from the writings of Zipes, Yolen, Bettelheim, Tatar etc. to create a psychological/cultural perspective, sociological issues etc.

Write extensively about the music (including history/background/research of the piece and composer)
Use appropriate research

Develop a thesis/thread about the piece – some large issue that you can see the effects of in each of the representations.

Write an outline for yourself so you can juggle the issues of the story, the music, Disney, the composer, outside research etc.

Find a question that you want to answer – that’s the thread to follow. Think about the way we are talking about Cinderella; start with your preconceptions/assumptions.

Research the composer, the story and the music so you have facts to support your ideas.