Slomo and Politeness Activity

Slomo and Politeness Activity
You need to do 2 activities total (2pages for each activity)

Slomo Activity (2pages)

1. Watch the sixteen minute New York Timesvideo:
2. Write a brief essay (at least three full paragraphs) in which you argue that the movie’s director presents the man called “Slomo” as a supremely authentic individual. Of course, this will require you to use your knowledge of the American view of the self.

Politeness Activity (2pages)

1. Find the Deference and Demeanor Rituals handout in the Politeness topic folder.
2. Describe four real-life examples of deference and demeanor rituals. Specifically, describe an example of a Protective, Defensive, Supportive or Remedial kind of each of the following general kinds of politeness rituals: Deferential, Positive Face ritual; Deferential, Negative Face ritual; Demeanor, Positive Face ritual; and Demeanor, Negative Face ritual. (You can make a different choice for each general kind of ritual.) You have to have been involved in or personally observed the examples you describe. Read the examples and descriptions of the different kinds of rituals on the handout in order to remember examples you have been involved in.
3. You must describe the ritual action performed as well as the situation in which it was performed. In addition, you need to identify who performed the ritual and for whom it was performed as well as any other significant participants or onlookers. Please identify the people involved in terms of their roles (employer/employee, friends, nurse/patient, co-workers, etc.). Your description of each ritual does not have to be more than one paragraph.