Small Business Customer Analysis & Implementation Plan

Small Business Customer Analysis & Implementation Plan

a two-part assignment designed to focus students on the customer and what it
would actually take to launch a small business- The Customer Analysis should help the
student answer three key questions:

-Who exactly is the customer?

-What specifically is their problem or unmet need?

-Will my small business actually solve the problem or need?

The Implementation Plan should lay out – in very specific terms – the activities,
timeframe, money, and other resources required to establish a new small business.
Students shodd interview at least 10 potential customers. This portion of the
assignment should reveal what you discovered by speaking with potential customers.
Clearly explain what you originally thought, what you learned, and what you now plan
to doAn lmplernentation Plan, as opposed to a broader and more general Business
Plan, will be prepared to specifically detail how you would go about getting your
concept to the market. It should contain very specific tasks, resources, budgets,
milestones, and measures of achievementmust include a one page Executive