Smart Pro Car

Place Outline

1) Place flowchart

a) Accurately depicted
b) Appropriately labeled
c) Easy to understand
d) Conceptually appropriate

2) Degree of market exposure required

a) Wide or narrow; intensive, selective or exclusive?
i) Why?
ii) Selling/Promo strategy
b) End sellers (name names)

3) Packaging Logistics/Bulk-breaking Activities/Stocking

a) Packaging logistics at production
b) Bulk-breaking activities
c) Who is responsible for shelving and stocking at end-seller

2) Inventory Considerations

a) Space facilities required
b) Climate and physical space controls
c) Mix considerations with other inventory
d) Timing considerations through channel

3) Reverse channels

a) Customer service requirements at point-of-return
b) Backward physical processing (product, information and cash-flow)