Snap chat’s advertising operate

Presentation Slides :

– Pros and Cons

  • Key benefits of using this channel, and limitations/drawbacks. Consider potential threats to this channel (new tech- nology? Declining audience?)

– An example (case study) of a media buy for this channel/touchpoint, and how it has been used creatively and differently in a campaign.
you can check that I’ve uploaded a file of the case study.

Written Document 500 words:
(also using snapchat as a media advertising channel)

– Description of the particular media channel/touchpoint, in relation to the Australian audience and Advertising industry
Penetration (eg 99% of homes in Australia have a television), usage, key features – in relation to advertising oppor- tunities, typical examples of advertising (eg TVCs usually run for 15 or 30 secs, etc)

– How do you measure the effectiveness of this channel/touchpoint?
What tools/software/analytics are typically used to measure whether or not this channel is effective?

– What do you need to know, to prepare to buy this media?
Think about how you would decide between different radio stations, or TV channels/programs, or comparison of celebrities for endorsement purposes. Depending on the media channel you have been allocated, this may include mention of audience size/demographics, rate cards, cost, leadtime, etc.

In both written and presentation form use more than 3 references.