Sobey’s Inc., one of Canada`s largest food retailers

Sobey’s Inc., one of Canada`s largest food retailers

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read the case.
write a memo in the format the instructor required Please see attached

Case background:
By 2013, Sobey’s Inc., one of Canada`s largest food retailers, had initiated a number of programs to reduce its environmental footprint and to try to meet the public’s expectations that business should address such sustainability issues as waste management, genetically modified products and food safety. At the top of Sobey’s agenda was a plan to develop a sustainable seafood strategy. While data collection, metric selection, employee incentives and customer education were important parts of this emerging strategy, a key decision was determining which products to sell or not sell.
Some major competitors had announced that they would sell only “certified sustainable” seafood, an approach strongly advocated by well-known environmental organizations. Sobey’s, on the other hand, decided that to abandon uncertified seafood would not only hamper its bottom line, but would also eliminate its ability to push the very fisheries that needed more guidance towards better practices. Yet, to continue to sell “red zone” seafood was controversial and potentially damaging to Sobey’s standing as a leader in sustainable seafood practices. In this context, the vice-president of sustainability was asked to implement a sustainable seafood strategy by year’s end.

The vice-president of sustainability at Sobey’s has asked you to prepare a memo to guide his upcoming presentation to the company’s chairman and other members of the executive team. You are responsible for preparing him to respond to some of their likely questions. You must convince them that the seafood strategy aligns with the company’s broader objectives.

Memos should be no longer than 2 pages, single-spaced, with one-inch margins using a TimesNew Roman 12 pt. font. This format is non-negotiable and you will lose points if you stray.

You will be graded on how well you adhere to format and style, and how well you answer the
questions. Format and style includes:
1. Correct use of memo format
2. Grammar, usage, and spelling
3. Clarity, brevity, word choice, and professionalism

Your grade WILL NOT be based on whether or not I agree with yourrecommendations. Rather, you will be graded on how well you support your proposedrecommendations, and how clearly you analyze the advantages and disadvantages associatedwith each option. Therefore, you should feel free to be creative and think outside of the box.
Use the class readings to support your recommendations, but please note that you DO NOT needto conduct outside research, as it will not help you.

Sample format of memo is attached named SAMPLE.

Recommended Action
The action you wish authorized. Describe this action in one or two simple, declarative sentences:
First sentence: State the issue and its causes.
Second sentence: State recommendation – the action you feel will best addresses theissue.
Third sentence (if needed): State how your recommended action would ultimately address the issue.

Example: “Lack of trust and poor team dynamics impair the Varsity Team’s potential and
decrease their chances of reaching the finals at Nationals. Ensure Varsity’s best performance by demoting them and reorganizing their roles. Although demotion might solidify animosity within the group, it offers the cleanest break with the past psychologically and rewards the JV team’s successes.”

Paragraph #1: Describe your recommended action in greater details. Why undertake the
recommended action? What is the rationale? What is the probable effect of taking this action?
What will be accomplished? What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this action?
For subsequent paragraphs, answer the questions posed for each case. Depending on the number of questions, a good rule of thumb is to use a separate paragraph to answer each question. So for example, paragraph #2 should answer the first question, paragraph #3 the second, and so on.

Question for this case, are the following:
1.    Describe the key elements of Sobey’s strategy in sustainable seafood. Provide a reasoned argument that this initiative is not simply “green-washing.”
2.    How do the company’s efforts in sustainable seafood address economic realities faced by Sobey’s? What are the main benefits of sustainable seafood to Sobey’s?
3.    How does Sobey’s management of the seafood value chain help and/or hinder the firm’s overall competitiveness?
a.    Recommend one modification of the existing structure, OR
b.    Defend why it should remain unchanged.
Here, you will give TWO alternative actions to the action you recommended above. This section is TWO PARAGRAPHS – one paragraph for each alternative option. These must be plausible alternatives that your manager might choose to authorize. Describe the options in declarative sentences and discuss the pros and cons of pursuing each option.


ONE paragraph – The immediate, mundane, first task involved in carrying out the initial
recommended action. In this section you are outlining the first several steps necessary in order to move forward, as well as one or two medium- to long-range steps that should be taken.