Social & Behavioral Sciences

A. Write a Paper/Report-Students will write a capstone paper encapsulating all of the information learned as a Social & Behavioral Sciences major; Students will give an oral Presentation of their Capstone Paper
a. One factor in determining whether credit is earned is a paper completed by the student. This written report should be at least 2 pages per credit hour (internships are 3 credit hours, so your paper should be no less than 6 full pages). Papers must be typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, standard font size of 12.
b. The paper should present a description and analysis of the duties and responsibilities the student experienced during the internship. To this end, each student should keep a daily log of activities that is not included as a part of the 6-page paper. The paper should also evaluate the internship experience, noting both positive and negative aspects of the internship (course syllabus will be more exhaustive of the requirements).
c. The final report should be reflective and evaluative in nature — The report should be more than a diary of activities. You should explore questions such as: i. What have I leamed in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences and other college courses that proved to be useful during the internship? (Discuss courses Individually) ii. What did I discover that I need to learn much more about? What course(s) or other experiences can I pursue to learn it? iii. Is this an industry/organization/career path in which I would like to work full time? Why or why not. iv. What did I learn about the characteristics that are important to me in a job? v. How “ready” do I feel to enter the workforce? vi. What professional skills do I need to work to develop? vii. Given the knowledge gained in the internship, what campus resources and opportunities should I utilize to move me toward my career goals?