Social Change

You are going to identify a social movement or change effort that you feel passionate about or fascinated in. Possible topics can include gun control, abortion efforts, safe walking paths, veganism, Gtv10 foods, feminism, LGBTQ efforts, substance abuse prevention, mental health normalization, immigration, teen pregnancy, clean water, Native American rights, mining efforts, black lives matter, blue lives matter, climate change, and many more. You will research your topic — where did it stem from? What are the implications of the effort? What are the goals of the movement?
Next, you will identify and interview someone who has been active within your chosen movement. Please note, there may or may not be specific organizations associated with your movement, but your interviewee does not necessarily have to be associated with an organization. Lastly, you will write up a paper on what you have learned about the social change problem and the efforts to make a change, including your interviewee’s efforts. This needs to be a minimum of three pages. You do not need to interview someone in person — you can interview your person over the phone, over email, via social media, etc. I recommend working to identify a topic and an interviewee sooner rather than later. Please write from one of the topics given. Please cite references on a sheet.