social contract theory

: social contract theory

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Topic 3: Review the prominent social contract theorists, and apply the components of social contract theory using two specific
examples from popular culture. These two examples can be derived from pop culture featured in movies, music. television.
literature, etc-

Formulate your thesis by 1) briefly discussing the key components of social contract theory: 2) selecting and discussing two
examples from pop culture: 3) constructing an argument using evidence to demonstrate that the examples you choose are
reflections of social contract theory.

The paper is to be a blend of research into the role of social contact theory in popular culture through the examination of two
specific examples of your choice, and your clearly-stated argument as two how your selected elements of pop culture reflect th

There is no right or wrong answer to this question- The point of this paper is to think critically about the main components of
social contract theory: to think critically about pop culture in movies, television or literature: and to hone your skills in establishi
a well-articulated argument.

-MLA-style parenthetical citations

-Cover page containing the title of paper. your name, course code. and date (no images)

-Pages numbered at the footer of each page


-1-inch margins on all sides

-Times New Roman, font size 12

-Works cited page

-A minimum of five pages in length (not including the cover page or works cited page)

You must cite five additional sources in the paper . They can come from scholarly journals, news articles, or books-