Social determinants and health equity

Social determinants and health equity

Read the attached case study “Social determinants and health equity in Morocco” by Boutayeb Abdesslam. Note that it is draft report and contains some typographical errors.

Answer the following questions. It is expected that you will refer to relevant web based sources such as World Health Organization, World Bank etc.

Please complete your answers in your own words. Do not cut and paste. It is preferred that you write rather than type your answer.

Keep to the boxes provided. Write economically. Keep in mind the number of marks for each question and the overall time allocation.  Each answer should be about 150 words, Font size 12.

Q1. What do you understand by ‘human development”?  Choose an example of a human development metric or index and describe how it is constructed (four marks)

Q2. What do you understand by “social determinants of health”? Give three examples. (four marks)

Q3.Distinguish between health inequities and health inequalities. Give one examples of each. (four marks)

Q4. The interplay of politics and economics (political economy) has an important effect on health outcomes. Briefly describe the political economy in Morocco and highlight areas where this has an impact on health. (four marks)
Q5.Give two examples of health inequity in Morocco in the early 2000s. (four marks)

Q6.Give two examples of social inequity in Morocco in the early 2000s. (four marks)

Q7.What was the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD) (four marks)

Q8. What were the goals of the NIHD (four marks)

Q9. What were the features of the NIHD that may have made it more likely to have a positive impact? (four marks)

Q10. Briefly describe the impact of NIHD (four marks)

Q 11. Compare the evaluation of NIHD with the latest country profile of GBD . Attached but also available at (four marks)


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