Social, economic, and environmental injustice

Social workers hold the value that social, economic, and environmental injustice ought to be challenged and changed. Many policies or laws are passed, at the federal, state, and local level, that generally are intended to provide support and services to those in need, especially vulnerable populations. Unfortunately, many law-makers don’t have the time or resources to analyze a law or policy thoroughly for its intended or unintended consequences. So often it falls to social workers to devote time in their practice to policy analysis, formulating critiques of bills or policies, and devising creative solutions to adjust the unintended negative consequences a bill or law has on vulnerable populations and advocate for changes.

1. Read the article: “Mental Health Parity Act of 2007: An Analysis of the Proposed Changes”. 2. Analyze this act to determine how it impacts the provision and delivery of mental health services, especially for vulnerable populations. 3. Identify at least three aspects of the law that impact the provision and delivery of mental health services, focusing on social, environmental, and economic justice issues among vulnerable populations.