Social Factors and Mental Health

Topic: Social Factors and Mental Health

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I work in adolescent mental health inpatient setting so could you please write it in relation to this information
Written assignment of 2500 words
Students are asked to outline a case example, involving a person they have worked with, or are currently working with; with a focus on social factors in the lives of the person identified. Students need also to reflect on how they facilitated and enabled the individual towards the optimum of their self-care/self-management, with a focus on social need. The work must include the following:
An introduction;
A description of what occurred;
Discussion of social factors according to the experiences of the
service user;
A conclusion;
The use of relevant literature

In this paper i need to show that i can examine social perspectives in the context of mental health
that i can think critically about the role of the social environment and the community in the course of illness or recovery.

That I developed my social dimension in the care of individuals and groups, and to connect more effectively with resources to enhance the social conditions of people I work with.

i would also like the following references to be used – please try and avoid american references