Social institutions

Social institutions
General topic: Describe the connection between two social institutions

Social Institutions include: Media, Medicine, Religion, Economy, Family, Politics, and Education

Sources: use a minimum of 5 resources to support your arguments or claims about the current state of the social institution.

Directions: Select 2 social institutions. Identify the way that these social institutions interact – effect one another. In each section of the class, we will see two institutions and how they impact the other as they evolve with the demands of our society. You will be doing the same in a 5 page report.

A. Define the social institutions you chose.

B. Briefly explain the assumptions that functionalist and conflict theorists have about the social institutions you have selected.

C. Explain how the social institutions you have selected meet the basic needs in society.

D. Explain how the social institutions compliment or contradict the other’s functions.

E. Indicate the future of the institutions you selected based on the findings you have reported.