Social Media Development on Law

The Law Office of Saikon Gbehan would like to build their social media audiences in different platforms in order to attract, educate, and grow the law office’s digital footprint. A social media campaign will be created and implemented via this project.
Problems to be solved: Design and deliver a social media strategy and—specifically relevant to students in legal studies programs—generate relevant content on several different platforms on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, staying up to date with current legal trends and hot legal topics in the news.
Deliverable: Create a social media strategy that can be used after the project engagement has come to an end. Utilize software such as HootSuite to recommend a content schedule for the law office to follow going forward.
Goal: To promote the law office to a social media-savvy audience with interesting, relevant content, while potentially generating new business leads and increasing the visibility of the business.
As of right now, what issues of confidentiality do you see coming up in the context of your work, and how do you intend to address them? If you don’t see confidentiality as being an issue, explain why.

(2) What are your plans for holding a “kick-off” meeting? Who will attend and what will your priority agenda items be? If you’ve already had one, please describe and briefly explain what the next steps will be.