Social media ought to distract lives of an individual.

Social media ought to distract lives of an individual.
Writing Prompt:

• Write an essay that presents a problem and proposes a solution for an issue that affects Oklahomans and/or Americans. Using the classic argument structure, present the problem in the introduction and narration sections. Present your solution to the problem in the thesis and use the argument, refutation, and conclusion sections of your paper for your solution. Through your investigation of the problem, collect sources that explain the problem and that propose solutions. Choose the best sources to use in your paper. The solution that you present can come from a credible source, or you may decide to propose your own solution. In any case, use strong rhetorical appeals and avoid logical fallacies. Be sure that your solution does not create more problems.

• MLA Format
• 4-6 pages (double spaced), not including the Works Cited page
• In-text citations in the body of your essay
• Works Cited page with your credible sources
• A minimum of three sources
• Invention techniques, research process, planning and organizational process, rough draft, revision material, and final draft submitted with the final draft as the first pages

(**she also posted quite a few credible sources at the bottom of her page that can be used)