Social Media Platforms Analysis

You will conduct a detailed analysis of multiple social media platforms (at least 4 platforms). This assignment requires a summary description of each social media tool that is analyzed. This assignment is designed as a crowd-sourcing effort and the idea is that by the end will have an archive of social media platform descriptions to refer to when developing a digital marketing campaign. The social media platforms that can be analyzed are the following (note- not an exhaustive list, please let your professor know if you would like to analyze a social media platform that is not on this list):

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat…

The analysis must include:

History and evolution of each of the platforms (How did it start?)
Features specific to the platforms (Why is this platform unique?)
Characteristics of its audience (Who joins this network? What are they looking for?)
Motivation to use the platform
How does the platform advertise? (How to they spread the word to get more people connected?)
ROI (return on investment) and metrics (How do they make money? How are they doing?) and other relevant marketing metrics (How do they measure success? Have they been successful?)
Matrix of social media comparisons – based on your research you will identify the similarities and differences among the social media platforms. You should create a matrix and list how the platforms are similar and different.
Conclusion – next steps for this platform (what should they do to stay relevant in the future?)