Social Movement;Civil Rights Movement.

Using the Conflict Theory and Culture of Poverty Theory,select a social movement that reflects a response to social oppression or discrimination of a specific group. Write a paper describing the social movement and the group’s experiences in the context of the social movement. This paper requires that you develop significant knowledge about the movement, its causes and the impacted population through a literature review. Choose a movement and population that you know little about and a group in which you are not a member. You will need to understand the oppression that the group has suffered, present and apply theories that attempt to explain the inequities, and discuss the effects of oppression, both on the population and on the oppressors (agent group).
Some social movements, such as disability rights and women’s rights, are broad and encompass many different issues. You may describe the population and then narrow your analysis to a specific issue. You may select a social movement from the following list or select a comparable movement that reflects a response to social oppression or discrimination against a specific group. Your choice of social movement and specific group impacted for this paper must be approved by the instructor in the Week 05 Assignment 02: Pre-Final Assignment.
The assignment should be 16-18 pages (not including cover and references pages); sources should be cited according to APA (6th edition) format in the body of the text and in references. The paper should be double-spaced, typed, and carefully proofread before submission.
The Theories of Oppression and Social Justice Bibliography contains select resources that may aid in the completion of this assignment.
Examples of Social Movements
• Civil Rights
• Black Power
• Black Lives Matter
• American Indian Movement (AIM)
• People Not Mascots
• Immigration Rights
• Women’s Rights/Feminist Movement
• LGBTQ Rights
• Transgender Rights
• Anti-Poverty
• Welfare Rights
• Labor Union Movement
• Occupy Wall Street
• Fight for 15
• Disability Rights
• Human Rights Movement
• Environmental Justice
Be sure to get your instructor’s approval for the social movement and the group selected for this assignment. Use the following prompts to organize and subtitle your paper.
• What social movement is the focus of the paper?
• Why did you select this social movement?
• What is the central goal of the movement?
• What are the key social justice issues that form the basis of the movement?
• Which specific social justice issue will you emphasize in this assignment?
Discuss the historical evolution of the social movement. What social, political and economic conditions gave rise to the movement? What group was most impacted by the movement? Provide a demographic picture of this group. For example, who make up the population? How many are included in the population? What are the major policy positions and basic tenets of the movement?
Oppression’s Effects on Group
Summarize the social, economic, political, physical, and psychological effects of oppression and inequality on the group. Also, discuss the impacts—benefits and drawbacks—for members of the agent (oppressor) group
Explanation of Group’s Oppression
Present two (2) theories presented in the syllabus or in outside readings that explain why this group was oppressed and discriminated against. One of the theories should come from your outside readings. One of the theories should come from your outside readings.From your own reading, expand on the theories’ assumptions and basic tenets to explain the oppression the group has experienced. Critique the efficacy, strengths, and limitations of both theories as explanatory devices. Note:The Social Oppression Model (Hardiman, Jackson, and Griffin, 2013) is not a theory, it is a framework. You may use the two lists of theories included in Week 01’s readings but only as reference points. It is not acceptable simply to use a paragraph from one of these lists without delving further in your research.
Movement’s Strategies and Advocacy Efforts
Critically examine at least two major strategies or advocacy efforts that the movement used to dismantle injustice and inequality. Indicate the successes and failures the movement has encountered. In what ways could the strategies and advocacy efforts be expanded and strengthened for greater mobilization and effectiveness?
Micro and Macro Social Work Methods
Discuss key macro and micro social work practice methods that would promote social justice to affirm/transform the life chances of the group and further advance the social movement.
Leadership and Social Action Plan
Develop a plan for your continued learning, leadership, and social action regarding anti-oppression and social justice.