Social network analysis

Analyse data (Lazega lawfirm) 2. Pick only one network out of the other three networks Things you must do in your analysis of the dataset: 1. setting the number of nodes/actors 2. calculating the number of ties and density 3. calculating the number of Mutual, Assymetric, and Null Dyads 4. calculating the triad census 5. calculating the degree distributions • When presenting and analysing the network make sure that you define the nodes, ties, and context, properly. • Make sure you understand what the data set is and able to explain how it is collected. 3. Choose a theme from the list that you feel most comfortable with. 4. Link the dataset with empirical dataset. 5. Don’t forget to draw a conclusion. 6. I selected 5-7 references to be covered. However, you may include more than or less than that if needs be. Coursework must be typed, double-spaced in a reasonable font (eg.12 point in Times New Roman or Arial). Lastly, you must include an accurate word count on the front page of your essay. Amore instruction