Social Networks and Political Change


The objective of the assignment is to conduct a reading report and to study in-depth a theoretical model which involves the concept of power. This report will be an opportunity for you to study in-depth two academics articles. The first step is to choose and read carefully two articles from the syllabus, one a theoretical article that establishes a model or mechanism for power (syllabus lessons 1 and 2), and the second articulating or discussing one arena in the digital space (syllabus lessons 3-11). You are welcome to consult with the lecturer or the teaching assistant regarding the articles. The second stage will be to write a summary for each article (about 1.5 pages per each article). Beyond the description of the main principles and arguments of the writers, your summary should be critical. That is, write in what way you agree or disagree with the writer of the article and what problems exist in the article in your opinion. Next, you are required to discuss and compare between the articles (about 2 pages). Here, you should use the theoretical article as a prism through which to view the empirical article. Keep in mind that your discussion needs to relate to the way the two writers define (and redefine) social power, key elements, who owns the power, what are the factors that influence the power dynamics, etc. Think as if the two writers are sitting and discussing their articles. You are encouraged to carry out this project in a group of up to three students. The paper should be about 5 pages long, not including a cover page and bibliography.