Social Psychology

Bobo the Clown Video:
Quite Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment:


Philip Zimbardo, in his famous Stanford prison experiment, shocked himself and fellow psychologists with his findings. View the video of this experiment below.
After viewing the video: Discussion how to defend the position that despite the Zimbardo study results, people are basically “good.”
Are people intrinsically “good” and reaching towards self-actualization as Maslow, Carl Rogers, and other humanist psychologists tend to tell us, or are they born as “blank slates” upon which the environment writes, as the behaviorists tend to preach?
Cite evidence from research articles and be sure to include enough details so that your classmates can understand the experimental findings, and be sure to include the titles and URLs of articles in support of your position.
You must reference at least (3) articles to support your answer.