Social Responsibility Business Audit: Walmart

Select a Fortune 500 company and conduct an analysis of the strategic philanthropy initiative. Strategic philanthropy is the concerted use of companies’ expertise or resources to address social needs and often has internal as well as external benefits. Each audit will look at determining ways companies can leverage their expertise to address social causes. An example is Home Depot’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity, where the company donates materials and employee time to support this cause. Each student will need to first determine if his or her company currently has any strategic philanthropy initiatives, if the company does, then the student will describe the program and demonstrate how it does benefit a social cause. If the selected company does not have an initiative, the student will suggest the development of a program and how this program will benefit a social cause and match the objectives of the business. The audit will be 3-5 pages and adhere to APA formatting. The paper should include a minimum of 3 resources.