Social Theory of Aging


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Please follow the criteria and week one paper included in the files.
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Select one of the Social Theories on Aging (listed below):
1. Disengagement Theory
2. Continuity Theory
3. Activity Theory
4. Ericksons Theory on Psychosocial Aging
5. Peck’s Theory on Psychosocial Aging
6. Theory of Exchange

Power Point Assignment:
1. Define the theory
2. Describe key aspects of the theory
3. Discuss this theory and identify if environment, heredity, gender or health practices contributed to this theory.
4. Compare this theory with your biological theory you wrote about in Week 1 – Could these two theories work together to accurately describe successful aging in older adults.
5. Provide community based opportunities in Sarasota County that and Older Adult may participate in that supports your selected social theory on aging.