Social Work and Human Services

Social Work and Human Services

Present the value, ethical, diversity, personal reactions, and other challenging issues that surface in this case. How could these alter what you can offer and provide? What can you do to overcome these challenges?

II. Present how you will create an adequate, safe environment with the survivor to identify the risk factors and develop a safety plan.

III. Describe the approach you will take with the survivor during this specific phase of intervention.

IV. Explore and Identify Risk Factors
a. Risks generated by the batterer (physical, psychological, financial, children, family and friends, legal issues (examples: arrest, legal status)
i. Identify 3 possible risks if the survivor decides to stay in the relationship and 3 possible risks if she decides to leave the relationship.
ii. Explore lethality
1. Present at least 3 questions you can ask the survivor to determine lethality.
2. Determine and discuss if lethality is an issue in this case.
b. Life/environment generated risks (financial, living location, physical and mental health issues, institutional responses, discrimination and oppression based on social categories)
i. Present 3 possible effects of environment risks and 3 possible uses of them by the batterer.

V. Develop a Safety Plan
a. Present strategies and resources to respond to the risk factors previously identified. (Note: Make sure you cover batterer and life/environment risk factors) i. Present at least 6 strategies and corresponding resources if the survivor stays in the relationship
ii. Present 6 strategies and corresponding resources if the survivor decides to finish the relationship
1. Specify strategies/resources during the process of leaving
2. Specify strategies/resources after leaving the relationship
iii. Identify what the survivor needs to engage in to follow through the plan determined.

VI. Conclusion: As the conclusion to this paper, present what you will need to advocate to potentially protect the survivor in this process. Focus on the potential challenges the survivor may face with the life/environment factors, strategies and available resources and community responses.