Social Work Mental Health and Trauma Reflection Exercise

Order Description
watch the two videos and listen to one audio and write a 180 words reflection after watching each video and listening to the audio. The links are down below.

1)System failure: A secret report sat on by the Federal Government for nearly 5 months reveals deeply disturbing information about the state of Australia’s mental health services. [online]. 7.30 (ABC1); Time: 19:30; Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 14th April 2015; Duration: 12 min., 55 sec.


2) Indigenous Mental Health Issues
Video journalist Emma Cook investigates why Aboriginals suffering from mental health problems aren’t accessing the services they need. [online]. Living Black (SBS Melbourne); Time: 18:10; Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 19th November 2008; Duration: 7 min., 6 sec.


(this link might not work! I will attach the video with this order)
3) Suicide Prevention and Social Networks
Listen to an audio.
Suicide prevention and social networks: Professor Lynette Joubert mapped the networks of people who attempted suicide, and used these maps to support plans to prevent repeated attempts.


write a 180 reflection regarding each topic separately and indicate which video/audio link for which reflection. Write it in your own words, there are no need for references.