Social Work Perspectives

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watch the following video: (Links to an external site.)
Read: Chapter 7- Marsiglia, F. F., & Kulis, S. S. (2015). Diversity, oppression & change: Culturally
grounded social work (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Lyceum.
Answer: What are the strengths or resiliency perspective? How can it be used to empower individuals, groups, or communities? How can using a person in environment perspective in social work practice enhance the psychosocial functioning of individuals? How is feminist theory integrated into social work practice? What is intersectionality theory? What is culturally grounded social work practice? In what ways have the ways of feminism defined the relationships between women across race, gender, class, and sexual orientation? What are some ways that constructivism and constructivist frameworks can be used or understood? Why do constructivists make language, meanings, and dialogue such a focal point in creating relationships that are not oppressive? What do language, meanings, and dialogue have to do with oppression?