Social Work Reflection

Write a 2-3 page paper (maximum) following APA format answering the following questions:

Choose a population which you are interested to learn more about which you as a future social worker may be helping one day, and a topic which may impact this population’s wellbeing. (For example, teenage parents, homeless children and education, Latino refugees in the USA, college age survivors of domestic violence, LGBTQ and depression, childhood trauma and child welfare…)
Address TWO current issues (within the last 10 years) that this population may seek support from you, their social worker, to rectify.
Explain the issues. What is the context of the issue? How did it begin? Why is it an issue for the system? Does it affect certain members of the population and not others? (These are suggested ways to explain the issues).
Why do these issues exist? (Provide a context for each issue).
What services will you or your agency likely provide to this population as a future social worker?
Where does funding for these services come from?
Provide a conclusion, in your opinion, about the future of these issues.
Select and site two additional sources outside the book. Follow APA format (sources must be library peer reviewed sources). Sources need to be recent, within the last 10 years.