Socialcultural issues

Students may select one of the sociocultural issues listed below
Sleeping arrangements: What is best for babies, sleeping alone, or with others? What is an acceptable age for children to be expected to sleep in
their own bed? How are young children trained to sleep on their own?
Teasing and bullying: How is teasing and bullying defined and tolerated in different cultures? What are the consequences of bullying on young
children? How is this issue viewed by parents and handled by educators?
Obesity: What are acceptable feeding practices for babies? How important is body image in different cultures? How do we teach children to make
healthy choices? Is it acceptable to restrict children’s food intake and how?
Gender roles: How do young children become socialized to accept particular gender roles? What is acceptable behavior for young boys versus girls
in different cultures?
Physical punishment: Is spanking a child harmful? Under what circumstances is it acceptable? What is the difference between spanking and physical
abuse? What legal consequences are there for parents?
Child labor: At what age is it acceptable for children to work? Under what circumstances should children be able to work, especially when this means
they will not get an education?
Relationships between children and their fathers: What is the role of a father in child rearing? What effects do a good, poor, or no relationship with
one’s father have on child development?
Childcare: At what age should children begin going to school, or a childcare facility? What are common childcare options for new mothers? What
effects do placing young children in childcare or employing nannies have on their development?
Siblinghood: How do families prepare children for siblinghood? What rituals exist for welcoming a baby to the home? How does siblinghood affect
child development?

What child development theories relate to the sociocultural issue you have chosen?

How does the sociocultural issue you have chosen manifest itself in the UAE and globally?
Based on your critical exploration of sociocultural issues in the UAE and globally, what recommendations can you make towards influencing change
and positively affecting children’s development?

How can your style of writing and use of academic references help you in your critical exploration of child development theories and sociocultural