Essay Question

Find a sociological study in a social science research journal. Report on how the scientist went through each stage of the scientific method (see research introduction). Details and specifics about each stage are necessary, so the reader has a clear idea of how the scientist developed, executed, described and analyzed the study.

This can be written in a fashion that is different from the typical essay. Organize the paragraphs by the stages of the method, beginning with a statement of the scientist’s problem statement (after a general introduction) and ending with the scientist’s conclusion. The purpose of this report is to fully understand how the scientific method is carried out.

suggested outline for the research essay

Tell the reader what the scientific research method is and why it is important.

body paragraphs:
Most people find it useful to write one paragraph per step. However, you may want to combine steps four and five into one paragraph. For each step be sure to explain both the step itself and how the researcher(s) took that step.

For the conclusion, you can either use step seven (the conclusion of the research article) and add a sentence of wrap-up or you can add a paragraph after step seven that wraps up the discussion of the scientific research method