Sociology of Aging Gender

1.Sociology of Aging Gender

1. Integrate the video and chapter readings to present some factors that influence health and wellness as we age including lifestyle choices, religious participation and religiosity, gender
differences, and environmental conditions.
2. Critique how these factors are included or excluded in global health and long-term care policies

2.Assessing the future WMD threat

Create a power point presentation with detailed and organized notes in the NOTES AREA for at least eight of the slides.

Provide a summary of the key points of Sarin and Ricin from CDC information .
Conduct additional research into previous attacks using Sarin and Ricin, include a summary of these incidents in the presentation.

3.The Battle of New Orleans

What are the key events and figures involved in the Battle of New Orleans? What role did the battle plan in the War of 1812? According to Robert Remini what is the significance of the battle in
American history ?