Software Proposal

Issue- one or two paragraphs that summarizes the key issue of the case study.

Discussion- 3 to 6 paragraphs that give a more detailed summary of the case study, including your analysis and insight. Findings-the elements of your submission must include the letter of the finding you are addressing a b or c, one or two paragraphs documenting your findings, and Analysis or insight to validate your position. Each of the following must be addressed:

What was the business goal?

What was the business strategy?

What leadership strategies were employed?

What were the information systems functions?

What tools or techniques were used?

Conclusion- two to four paragraphs that summarize your insight into that particular case study, and what conclusions you can draw from it- parallels, textbook Insight, personal insight. Ideas for further concern- ask 3 to 6 questions about the case that should be addressed to develop a better understanding of this situation. You only have to formulate the questions, not answer them. References- at least three references from the periodicals, textbook, speeches, Inter