Solar system

Did a supernovae trigger the formation of our solar system? Write a minimum of 1200 words (1200- 1500) is REQUIRED either double Scientific Referencing is REQUIRED in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Style, whereby ONLY integers are used in the Report text. Corresponding integers, with all citation information, appear in the Reference List ( NOT a bibliography) at the end of the Report. References are numbered in the order of appearance in the article and listed in that order at the end of the article. There will be a 4 point deduction if a non- AIP referencing system is used. And a Reference List contains sources whose work you have actually Cited quoted and/or paraphrased in your Report. Provide three (min) up to ten (max) different Properly – presented sources (= references = citations), one of which MUST be non internet i.e one reference MUST be paper based (book, newspaper, joumal).