Solution Focused Therapy

“Together in the Middle o the Bed: Brief Therapy of a Couple”, which depicts with Steve de Shazer conducting the second session of Solution Focused Therapy. Once you have completed the video excerpt (begin at the beginning of the second session to the end of this session), please answer the questions posted below.

1. Notice the change in the couple from session one to session two. What did you see? Were the changes due to the homework assignment? How did the therapist’s questions help the couple discuss the changes they have made?
2. The husband begins to discuss his history of cocaine usage. Why didn’t the therapist gather assessment information relating to the severity of the problem and how his drug use has impacted the marriage?
3. Notice how the therapist is taking a position of curiosity as he is discussing the husband’s sobriety with the wife. Why does he adopt this position? How does this help the couple?
4. Why does the therapist scale how the couple feels about the changes in the relationship? How might scaling questions be used to encourage further improvement?