Southwest Airlines from organizational behavior concept

Southwest Airlines from organizational behavior concept

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The course is People in Organisation MGT 670 MBA program and this course is about organisational behavior.

This a team project but (I will only have to do ONE issue.)

I chose “How do Southwest’s vision and values “to maintain a low fare cost” affect ground crew worker’s satisfaction?” because I found many journal articles about that

the key point is (As Southwest expands its flight operations, will Southwest maintain good relations with their employees with the new overwork? Can Southwest avoid union walkouts?)

my part should contain the following:
Key Point 1: topic sentence idea
Research concept
Why important to organization (e.g., turnover, performance, etc.)
Provide Example(s) from organization (supporting idea)
Make explicit link to research concept

I think the concepts here in this issue could be Organization development concept and Job satisfaction or Satisficing.