Specific text/media object you think is fascinating

Task 1. Choose a specific text/media object you think is fascinating and would like to know more about.
Generate a list of potential questions or topics for analysis, and perform an initial round of research on
relevant University of Alberta libraries databases to find out what other scholars in the area are saying
about this question.

Task 2. Examine the existing evidence (Find at least eight [8] different sources), and decide which possible
explanation makes the most sense to you, given what you have learned through your research.

Task 3. Using the sources that you chose, write a 1200-1600 word essay in which you offer an analysis of
your chosen primary text, supporting your argument relevant evidence from your scholarly sources. Your
position should be made and supported using the structure favoured in the humanities: direct or thesis-first
argument. This means that your thesis should be clearly announced in your introduction, and explicitly
teferred to and supported throughout your essay. Your aim is to convince your readers that while multiple
explanations of your question are possible, yours is most compelling; you are, in other words, writing to